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47th Annual Fall Fox Valley ONLINE Antiques Show Necessity, once again, has proved to be the mother of invention. And behind every cloud there really is a silver lining. The partnership between CSADA’s Fox Valley Online Antiques Show and the Getman’s Virtual Platform prove both adages to be true for the antiques market. A year ago the Fall Fox Valley Antiques Show moved to Getman’s Virtual Platform due to the pandemic. That was Marvin Getman’s first virtual antiques show and was so successful, he subsequently produced the New York Antiques Show, Jan. 29-31, 2021 as well as the Fox Valley Spring Show in March of this year. Dealers and customers alike, while enjoying the ease of navigating on the platform, have made new connections in the world’s antiques marketplace. The happy news is that the Fox Valley Antiques Show will continue as a virtual show! The 47th Annual Fall Fox Valley Online Antiques Show will return, October 16 and 17, 2021. Just one of the many unique features, exhibitors cannot see what other dealers have listed until the moment the show opens. Everyone has the opportunity to pick first! A new twist added for the show’s second morning; each dealer will have three new offerings appear in their booth Sunday morning. The show will run a continuous 32 hours, from 10 a.m. Central on Saturday, October 16 until 6 p.m. Central on Sunday, October 17. Dealers from all over the country, some who have never before exhibited at in-person Chicago-area shows, will offer their very best at Fox! Getman’s Virtual Platform makes it easy for dealers to display their merchandise in a user-friendly format. And the search capability makes it simple for customers to find items of interest whether searching by dealer, category, keyword, or price range. Customers deal directly with the dealer; no middle man. The online show enables CSADA, a not-for-profit group, to continue their support of organizations devoted to historic preservation and educational pursuits.


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