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Welcome to Chic Shack Antique & Vintage!

Here you will find the objects and furniture that I've found. You will discover treasures, objects that, when placed in a décor, will give a unique personality to the room.

I am Karine Belzile, a second generation of antique lovers. I grew up in an ancestral home in Lachute (Quebec, Canada), and like Obelix, I fell into the cauldron of antiques. My parents, Jean Marc and Danielle Belzile were eminent antique dealers in Quebec and well known in the community who then passed their passion on to me.

So I learned at a young age to recognize the valuables and the unique story of each piece. For 35 years now, I have developed a great expertise; I collect, I search, I scavenge, I expose and propose furniture and objects, those which you seek. I travel miles to discover treasures with my love; Yan Breton and my children Phoenix and Logan.

But I also have a mission - Promote this exciting world of antiques in which other great enthusiasts and antique lovers gravitate. Where are the good addresses and when are the upcoming exhibitions and events? I will give that away! There are fabulous people and events in this domain that deserves to be known.

Visit my shop to not miss any of my finds, and stay on the lookout for more news to come!

See you soon!

Karine Belzile

Member of The Canadian Antique Dealers Association

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